Specialists in Greek jewelry. Look at our selection of Greek key necklaces, Greek key bracelets, rings, earrings, Greek key pendants and crosses, top quality jewellery in Ancient Greek, Byzantine jewellery or Meandros designs and exclusive pieces in semi-precious stones. Quality ceramics, bronze, and exclusive baseball caps. Fine gifts and souvenirs for all!
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Greek Key 14 K gold neckl
Product Code GKNE 23
Gold jewelry
Gold Necklaces
Price 1,658.00€
Greek Key - Meandros 14
Product Code GKRI 184
Gold jewelry
Gold Rings
Price 269.00€
Gold ring
Product Code BYRI DAM 1
Greek`s Goldsmiths Treasu
Gold jewelry
Price 1,180.00€
Gold & Oxidized Ring
Product Code RI DAM 093
Greek`s Goldsmiths Treasu
Gold jewelry
Price 1,120.00€
Alexander the Great - Anc
Product Code ANCO 1
Greek Silver Coins
Ancient Greek Silver Coin
Price 62.00€
Byzantine ring 18k Gold,
Product Code BYRI DA 910
Gold jewelry
Gold Rings
Price 1,450.00€
Traditional Rhodian penda
Product Code TRRHPE 7
Rhodian traditional jewel
Price 80.00€
Ancient Greek 14 K gold p
Product Code ANPE 4
Gold jewelry
Gold Pendants
Price 591.00€
Silver pendant
Product Code 191P6-LR
Designers jewelry
Marias Jewelry
Price 120.00€
Byzantine earrings 18K g
Product Code BYEA500026
Gold jewelry
Gold Earrings
Price 706.00€
Byzantine pendant
Product Code BYPE 3099
Gold & Silver pendants
Price 858.00€
Byzantine ring 18K gold
Product Code BYRI 3267R
Gold jewelry
Gold Rings
Price 445.00€